Artificial Intelligence. It’s Beyond Technology.

AI is much more than a tool or system that can help us to make our processes faster, more accurate and efficient. It is a technology that can turn thousands of years worth of data into valuable information and find answers and solutions to urging global questions. It is man-made intelligence, based purely on human intelligence, that has the potential to transform our and our children’s lives for the better.

The question is, whether we are doing enough today to advance this technology to its true potentials. The answer is, likely no. Focusing on the development of technology only is not enough. The concept of collaboration and public understanding need to be integrated into the processes. We need to recognise the power of joining forces, collaboration, transparency, and accessible information, which all lead to better understanding and trust.

Our debates need to change from conventional to renewed, focusing on challenges, opportunities, failures, and successes. It needs to be open and targeted not only towards experts and leaders but also across industries and societies. The source of information needs to be trusted and neutral. It needs to create curiosity, spur creativity, and bring people together on a global level.

SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub

Driven by passion for cognitive technologies, as well as commitment for Switzerland and the coming generations globally, SwissCognitive was founded by Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze in 2016. Together they share over 50 years of knowledge experience in the world of digitalization and emerging technologies and serving as globally recognized figures for AI for humanity.

Since its foundation date, SwissCognitive’s vision is being strongly realized – becoming the Global AI Hub with a trusted network of industries, organizations, academia, enterprises and startups, transparently discussing the challenges, opportunities, and development of AI. SwissCognitive has already successfully involved over 30 industry sectors representing over 3.5 million employees, it is cooperating with over 400 companies and organizations, and reaching over 470k followers in the global AI eco-system. It connects regularly its on- and offline community and puts the spotlight onto practical use cases and hands-on experiences – transferring the hype around AI into real business.

When people think about AI, they mostly think about machines, robots, and algorithms. When we think about AI, we think about the people – how AI can support humankind.

Dalith Steiger & Andy Fitze, SwissCognitive Co-Founders
The Swiss and Global AI Ecosystem

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Artificial Intelligence is diversifying Switzerland’s global image, extending it well beyond watches, chocolate, banks, and beautiful landscape. For many consequent years Switzerland has been named as the most innovative country in the world, underpinned by world-renowned universities and research institutes, including ETH Zurich, EPFL. Switzerland hosts the highest number of AI companies per citizen, and recently it has also been named as a potential leader for ethical AI globally. Based on the stable and reliable business environment that is unbureaucratically supported by the government both on cantonal and government level, tech giants, such as Google, Disney Research Studios, IBM and Microsoft are all running their AI research from Switzerland. With a strong history in life sciences, Switzerland is also driving AI development in healthcare. SwissCognitive brings all the stakeholder in the AI ecosystem together, to connect, exchange, and thrive with collective power for the benefit of society.
Facilitating Exchange in the Global AI Ecosystem

SwissCognitive, with the power of experience and knowledge stemming from its global network, transparently addresses the development and challenges of AI. With collective cross-industry knowledge, leaders can find answers and solutions to the questions that their own teams and organization face. They can gain insight and hands-on guidance on how to lead employees, management, boards, as well as the customers through digital transformation while adapting the power of AI. As a whole, SwissCognitive opens doors to knowledge, experience, and talents, and with that, provides a strong instrument for sustainable development and competitive advantage. It facilitates collaboration locally and globally, offers services in advisory, positioning, and campaigning, and maximises business opportunities in existing and new markets.   
Technology impacts us all, no matter where we come from or what we do professionally. And even though this technology may be still in its infancy, SwissCognitive facilitated close to 100 practical AI use cases to be brought on stage – giving excellent opportunities to learn, exchange and brainstorm about successes and failures. The choices of use cases are plentiful. Here we demonstrate three, that are to change our lives to the better.   


Article by SwissCognitive, Dalith Steiger & Andy Fitze

Published by: Network For Innovative Corporate Governance (NICG) – A Research Cooperation between the University of St.Gallen and Swiss Re.  

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Dalith Steiger & Andy Fitze