Independent and self-determined at home – even at a high age. See how AI supports this.

COVID-19 showed us that we need to find new ways of social interaction and of caring for each other – especially for our older relatives. Technology can and will help to overcome physical distance and to bridge uncertainty about the wellbeing and safety. However, it needs to be carefully designed to match the needs of grandparents and treat them with respect.

AI offers various opportunities to achieve exactly this. Voice as an interface is a fantastic new tool that is being adapted by older people easily if the interaction is limited to simple commands. At CARU we utilize this to trigger an emergency call by voice and to receive and send voice messages into a family group chat. 

Further, every human leaves “traces” in the room climate when being in a room: Air quality changes, noise level increases, brightness might be adapted. Using machine learning to identify patterns of regular behavior and to detect anomalies is another field that CARU is tackling with the versatile IOT device. As all analysis is based on room parameters, nothing needs to be worn at the body.

Like this, AI brings peace of mind to families and their loved ones in a respectful way.

Written by: Susanne Dröscher PhD, Co-CEO, CARU AG

Published by: Network For Innovative Corporate Governance (NICG) – A Research Cooperation between the University of St.Gallen and Swiss Re.  

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Susanne Dröscher