AI on the Agenda – a Shift from IT to C-Level

C-level leaders are challenged every day from many directions – be that of the stakeholders, management, a shift in the customer needs, or a change in the business environment. On top of these, change in the technology landscape has the power to impact all these factors. How the business corresponds, can be very much up to the management at C-level.

In our technological evolution, taking Artificial Intelligence under the magnifying glass, its potential of driving efficiency and productivity cannot be ignored. With its transformative power throughout the organisation, it cannot be concentrated into the department of IT – leaders at C-level must take AI as imperative and dedicate strategic importance to it. Executives need to recognise AI as a powerful instrument to expand their businesses by optimising processes, reducing operational costs, creating new products or services, and improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Staring the AI journey may be challenging, with many questions along the way too, but the more familiar organisations get with AI, the more potential for growth they will experience. Forward-thinking leaders need to explore how to leverage AI in ways that creates return on investment, and drives consistent, measurable growth. With that, their understanding of this technology’s incredible potential helps them to serve not only as strategists but also as trusted advisors to all directions of the organisation’s hierarchy.  

Rebooting Leadership Style

While recognising the potential of AI, C-level leaders have to lead the change – develop new processes, new organizational norms and models, and stimulate a new way of thinking and doing. They also need to recognise, AI is not just about adapting and implementing a new technology; it is about rethinking—and potentially reshaping—the entire organization.

The Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

With the help of leaders and experts from various industries and organisations, we shed light on the current status of AI on C-level leaders’ agenda – where organisations stand today, what influencing factors are there to consider, and how future processes and strategies need to be shaped so they correspond to the evolution of technology, changing business environment as well as ever more demanding customers’ needs.  

Join us on the 8th July at the CognitiveVirtual, learn from experts and connect with them on the virtual backstage. If you are after a AI conference that is content-driven and where no sales is allowed, join us to learn, exchange and connect!


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Wednesday, 8 July 2020
16:00 – 19:00 CET
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