The UK is ranked number three globally for AI by the Tortoise Media Global AI Index. The government has a strong commitment to developing the talent, the research and the institutions for the nation to become a leader in ethical AI. With a depth of AI talent and top-rated centres for AI research, the UK is number two globally for AI start-ups funded by a mature VC ecosystem.  Corporate demand for AI is strong in the financial, healthcare, education and other sectors. As the world increasingly fractures into Chinese, American and European AI techno-nationalism, the UK can continue its historic role at the crossroads of AI tomorrow.


Simon Greenman, Partner, Best Practice AI

Speaker’s Conference Notes

Best Practice AI Company One Pager

CognitiveNations by SwissCognitive
Global Online AI Event
3. June 2020

670 Attendees from 74 Countries


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CognitiveNations series by SwissCognitive, brings a handful of countries together to discuss the status of research, development, and the operating environment of AI, including technological, ethical, legal and socio-economic aspects. AI experts and leaders provide a high-level overview on the development of AI in their countries, followed by a more detailed exchange across the selected country representatives. The discussion is continued by practical AI examples from experts, revealing hands-on developments, processes, challenges, and achievements.