Marketers aren’t fully leveraging artificial intelligence because of four main reasons. Here’s how you can overcome the challenges of AI implementation.

SwissCognitiveMarketing with Artificial Intelligence. Sounds fancy. And that’s the problem. The term is thrown around in marketing tool ad copy, by marketing gurus and hyped by the media. Yet, a concrete definition is elusive. For many, AI is an enigma surrounded by buzzwords.

But the irony is, as much as the hype has overstated what AI might do in the next years, the reality of how AI is already used today in marketing is often under-recognized.

  • Facebook uses facial recognition to recommend who to tag in photos.
  • Google uses deep learning to rank search results.
  • Netflix uses machine learning to personalize recommendations.
  • Amazon uses natural language processing for Alexa.
  • The Washington Post uses natural language generation to write data-driven articles.

Your life is already machine-assisted, and your marketing can be, too.

What is AI?

The best way to understand artificial intelligence is as an umbrella term.

It’s used to describe a suite of unique, but related, technologies that can simulate human capabilities.

It’s not some singular magic technology that can do everything.

But a set of individual tools with real capabilities, but which are at different stages of development.

Out of these different subsets of AI, there are a few that are particularly applicable to marketing right now.

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  • Computer vision which allows AI to see. This leads to object detection, facial recognition, and visual listening on social media.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) which allows AI to hear and speak – giving us chatbots, semantic analysis, content generation, and voice search capabilities.
  • Machine learning allows AI to learn with data on how to progressively improve performance on a specific task over time, without explicitly being programmed what to do. This gives us content recommendations, lookalike audiences, programmatic advertising, and lead scoring.

The ability of self-improvement provided by machine learning is the most critical subset of AI for marketers.

Automation Is Not Equal to Machine Learning

Maybe you’re thinking you’ve got this whole AI marketing thing covered because you have an expensive marketing automation tool.

Let’s get one thing crystal clear:

Automation is not machine learning.

Automation is a set of instructions that tells a machine what to do in order to produce a specified outcome. […]

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