Customer Service Management Improved Through Artificial Intelligence

Customer Service Management Improved Through Artificial Intelligence

SwissCognitiveCustomer service centers, whether a shipping group dealing with consumers or an IT organization working with corporate employees, has a lot of information to manage. Technology has been improving over the last decades, and the move of () into the real world hold promise to help.

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Network management was one of the first internal groups to begin to leverage to better manage the vast amount of data in a more timely and accurate fashion. One reason was the limited ecosystem of networking and the more technical nature of the users. Machine learning is still fairly technical, especially (), and the early audience had to be able to handle the detail. Now () and generation (NLG), are starting to mesh with to provide an interface than can help the non-technical audience.

The side has its own complexity. While there is much overlap in customer service systems, each company has its own way of doing things. Understanding how an individual organization works, what terms it uses, and what systems are involved is a signification challenge. That means a company wanting to provide a system can pre-train systems with large data sets, but also that companies who have their own data can train systems on corporate data.

The combination of natural language and techniques are components needed in order to leverage the power of to enhance customer service. It’s not one or the other, both are useful tools.

Aisera is a young company working in customer service management (CSM), and it is addressing that challenge. IT helped desks are often understaffed and overworked. That means any system that can effectively handle the most basic questions means both IT and their customer are happier to get faster resolution.

For instance, a business customer is in a conference room, preparing for a meeting. She can call or text the support system and say “I need access to the wireless network.” The system can understand her location, understand that “wireless” is the same as “Wi-Fi”, see what is available, and quickly send back connection information. The sales executive is quickly ready to present to the sales prospects, while IT isn’t called off of more complex issues.