Bringing Families Closer Together Through Respectful Technology

The current situation calls for new ways of social interaction and of caring for each other. Countless families are constantly worried about the well-being of grandma and grandpa. Certainly, technology can and will help to overcome physical distance. However, it needs to be carefully designed to match the needs of grandparents and treat them with respect. We therefore developed a simple model that helps us to evaluate design decisions – the AgeTech lens. CARU is a voice controlled IoT device that allows phone calls, voice chat and activity monitoring.

Based on the aforementioned model, CARU is not stigmatizing and does not require grandparents to change their behavior. We achieve this by carefully designing the shape and user interaction of the device. AI plays an important role as we use (1) voice control as the most natural interface and (2) behavior monitoring of daily patterns through integrated room parameter sensors. 

Making use of AI brings peace of mind to families and their loved ones in a respectful way.

Copyright by Susanne Dröscher, Co-CEO CARU AG

Virtual Global AI Conference
Co-Hosted by AI Capital & SwissCognitive

Find Susanne Dröscher’s slides HERE.

“The current situation brings marginal groups such as older people into the media focus. While doing so, the positive and social benefit of technology becomes apparent. I truly believe that the awareness for these solutions will rise and last.”

Susanne Dröscher, Co-CEO CARU AG

Remarks from SwissCognitive: Susanne Dröscher was one of the global speakers at SwissCognitive’s first Virtual AI Conference, co-organised with AI Capital on 31st March and 1st April. The conference gave an intensive overview from various industry-perspectives on how AI helps us to overcome challenges caused by the Coronavirus, and how this technology is going to provide us with new ways of processes and functioning after the crisis. The Virtual AI Conference was attended by 500 attendees, calling-in from 20 countries, and its content was spread through SwissCognitive’s social media channels, reaching 400k followers in the AI eco-system.  


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