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Automated Remote Patient Monitoring

Camera-based software to automatically monitor & interact with patients 24/7

Jungo demonstrates how to apply its automotive technologies (driver and cabin monitoring) for home patient monitoring, thereby enabling automated, at scale monitoring and questioning of patients at home minimizing the medical staff required.

There is no easy way today to monitor tens of thousands of home quarantined patients.

With the COVID19 expansion, there is a growing need to monitor large numbers of patients, at home or dedicated facilities, that do not include hospital monitoring capabilities. Jungo’s camera-based software automatically monitors 24/7 and interacts with the patient. It automates the monitoring process, including passive monitoring and patient questioning, collects data, and alerts staff only if action needed.

Copyright by Ophir Herbst, Jungo Connectivity Ltd

Virtual Global Conference
Co-Hosted by Capital & SwissCognitive

Find Ophir Herbst’s slides HERE.

“Our software is already saving lives on the road by monitoring drivers and occupants. Monitoring patients at home may prove to be at least as important for this technology, with even broader impact on society.”

Ophir Herbst, Founder & CEO Jungo Connectivity Ltd

Remarks from SwissCognitive: Ophir Herbst was one of the global speakers at SwissCognitive’s first Virtual Conference, co-organised with Capital on 31st March and 1st April. The conference gave an intensive overview from various industry-perspectives on how helps us to overcome challenges caused by the Coronavirus, and how this technology is going to provide us with new ways of processes and functioning after the crisis. The Virtual Conference was attended by 500 attendees, calling-in from 20 countries, and its content was spread through SwissCognitive’s social media channels, reaching 400k followers in the eco-system.  

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