With the dawn of industrialization 4.0, there has been a tremendous shift in the technologies that we use to make our life better.

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SwissCognitiveFrom Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things, AR/VR and ML, the list doesn’t seem to end. Of all these, one technology that has proven to be not only disruptive but also opportunistic is Machine Learning. Cumulative investments done in the field of machine learning is expected to rise to $58 billion by the end of 2021 .

Needless to state that the pace at which the industry is growing is day beyond expectations. Nearly every sector is clouted with the inception of machine learning and is seen to actively adopt the scope of machine learning within the ecosystem to enhance and upscale business operations .

Having said that, it is not just the industry that seeks to embrace machine learning but the educational sector as well. There has been a huge influx of courses and machine learning programs to make individuals adept in technology and master the art of automation.

As a matter of fact, the machine learning job market would grow exponentially in the coming years. With just 75000 machine learning jobs in 2017, the count is expected to rise to 11.5 million by the end of 2026. Meaning that if you are planning to start your career as a tech expert, machine learning would be a field with enormous growth possibilities. Photo by Borko Manigoda on Pixabay Top 5 Machine Learning Jobs In 2019

Top 5 Machine Learning Jobs In 2019

True that AI jobs seem to be appealing and enticing, deep learning jobs are no less. With tremendous growth possibilities and higher demand, machine learning job salary is also pretty high. So, let’s head towards the top five machine learning jobs, you would like to consider.

1. Data Engineer 

As an important member of the analytics team of the organization, a data engineer is one that is proficient in identifying valuable sources of data, induce techniques to automate business processes and work on the processing clustered and raw data.

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  • Data engineers have the task to statistically study pieces of raw data, combine them and come up with meaningful information. This mandates proficiency in maths.
  • Data engineer must have the coding skills to compute volumes of data
  • Data engineers must be critical thinkers to be able to think beyond the normal.

Salary: US$110k – 155k

2. Machine Learning Analyst

Another machine learning job in trend is machine learning and analytics professionals. To be a machine learning and analytics professional, one must have experience in working on big data. Also, the candidate would be expected to study data and apply modeling techniques for better evaluation of information.


  • A big data expert
  • Hands-on experience in working with statistical models
  • Ability to analyze complex problems and follow an analytical approach to solve the same.
  • Expertise in data mining mechanism
  • Excel in statistical programming languages.

Salary: US$120k

3. Deep Learning Specialist

Deep learning is a major branch of machine learning. Hence, a professional who holds expertise as a deep learning scientist is in-demand. Also, this expert is capable of embedding round the clock automation in business processes, optimizing it on a whole.


  • Experience in statistics, mathematical models and computer science
  • Knowledge about CNN, RNN, and other computer vision solutions
  • Ability to apply advanced analytics in problem-solving processes.
  • Can work on tools of robotic process automation and AI.

Salary: $200k

4. AI Architect

While deep learning jobs are much into the trend, the combination of machine learning with AI also accounts for one of the highly paid jobs in machine learning. Hence, the perfect candidate would own the knack to test, support and implement high-quality products as used by a range of companies and help them make better and informed decisions. AI merged with machine learning enhances the capability of the candidate and at the same time, leverages the quality of work rendered by the same.


  • Ability to build and deploy AI algorithms backed by the idea of machine learning.
  • Integrate models of AI/ML at all levels of the organization.
  • Compatibility with the DevOps tools and work environment.
  • Knowledge about the most commonly used tools of AI.
  • Experience in Hadoop data science solutions.
  • Can work with tools such as Microsoft Azure ML

Extensive knowledge of different UI based technologies.

Salary: >$100k

5. Machine Learning Engineer

Though the technology is still in its patent stage, there are organizations that seek to expand the majority of the workforce by the implementation of the machine learning algorithms, products, and solutions. To meet the industry standards and upscale their business operations, they seek the need to hire experts and this is where a principal machine learning engineer comes into the picture.

The expert would have the knowledge of developing algorithms for imaging analysis to improve the quality of decisions made. Hence, the engineer is expected to work closely with the R&D team to build and deploy tools that are adept with technology and can enhance the overall service quality.


  • Holds a master degree
  • Can implement and deploy deep learning architecture to build frameworks or machine learning devices.
  • A proven track record as a researcher
  • Ability to build unique machine learning models to solve intense problems.
  • Has an excellent mathematical background
  • Own state-of-the-art imaging analysis skills

Salary: >$114k

Final Thoughts On The Best Machine Learning Jobs In 2019

As evident, there lie tremendous opportunities for candidates that strive to attain a career in the field of machine learning. Hence, it is just the start and with time, the demand is only expected to rise.


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