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CognitiveValley: ready for take off!

CognitiveValley is the “Switzerland Tourism” for . The new umbrella brand promotes and positions Switzerland as a global leader on and a strong voice for a human-centered .


CognitiveValley – the non-profit spin-off of SwissCognitive has been initiated by its founders, Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze as well as its first managing director Luca Brunner and 30 thought leaders. This first grassroots movement – The new common voice for Switzerland kicks off at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, September 17th 2019! The driving force is to take full advantage of Switzerland’s strengths and assets to build the world’s leading CognitiveValley as one country.

has the potential to create trillions of dollars of value across the economy, if business leaders work to understand what can and cannot do. McKinsey 2018

The CognitiveValley fosters the ethical discussion, education, research, governance and business, and strengthens public sensitivity and awareness in the field of cognitive technologies. At the same time it links regions, global and local institutes, experts, companies and promotes the important public dialogue on . In its epicenter stands shared trust and a human-centered approach to reveal the vast opportunities that the fourth industrial revolution offers to the civil society.

CognitiveValley is the “Switzerland Tourism” for .

While making Switzerland the most vibrating cognitive technology environment, to ensure sustainable Swiss welfare, its core aim is to overcome challenges and turn this emerging era to our and our children’s best advantage.

 “Together we form CognitiveValley – Together we make History!”

The CognitiveValley is an independent, non-profit movement, which enjoys the trust and confidence of the Swiss Federation.

The common voice of Switzerland’s Technology Ecosystem!


Luca Brunner, Managing Director


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