The Formula 1 racing team is using Nominet technology to automatically monitor domain name system traffic.

SwissCognitiveRich Energy Haas F1 Team is using machine-learning security technology to analyse external threats and eliminate malware, phishing and data theft from its networks.

Big Data plays a crucial role in the fast-paced sport of Formula 1 motor racing, helping teams to monitor and then improve performance with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage on the track. Haas F1 has deployed Nominet’s NTX cybersecurity technology to keep its networks and its data safe and secure.

The NTXsecure platform analyses domain name system (DNS) traffic to predict, detect and block threats from the network before they cause harm. NTX uses machine-learning technology to analyse and apply policy to potentially billions of queries automatically. Gary Foote, CIO at Haas F1, says Nominet represents a key layer in the team’s security strategy, helping to automate time-intensive security processes and raise potential concerns quickly:

It’s a service they provide and they’re doing the legwork for me. They’re using clever algorithms and people to sift through all the mountains of data that come out of all of our sites across the world. The output of that analysis is either blocking certain traffic that they know is bad or they highlight potential issues to us. We’ve got to keep adding layers and complimenting products, making sure that we’re covering ourselves against what are ultimately very clever people who are up to no good.

Haas F1 is a globally-dispersed business, with offices in the UK and Italy, a sister racing team – Stewart-Haas Racing – in the United states, and a mobile organisation that travels the world fulfilling race-day operations and obligations. Data moves frequently between these locations. While much of that traffic is legitimate, Foote doesn’t want staff to become too complacent – and this is where Nominet’s technology plays a key role:

DNS is hugely important to every F1 team, especially us given all our data movement, but also it’s almost a bit too trusted – people can take DNS for granted. DNS traffic has an ability to filter through the various layers of security technology, be that anti-malware, anti-virus or firewalls, especially when those products haven’t yet worked out what’s going on in terms of data movement. Given the monstrous amount of data that they churn through in their business, Nominet has a great insight into what looks bad and what’s perfectly good. Having that extra set of eyes on a set of data is a really strong layer to add to our security strategy.[…]

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