Tech Treats LLC Launches a DIY Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Chatbot Platform for Businesses on a Budget

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SwissCognitiveTech Treats LLC is proud to announce it has added an extremely economical, do-it-yourself artificial intelligence chatbot (AKA bot) platform to its high-tech offerings for low-tech businesses operating on a modest (or even a very small) budget. To celebrate its launch, now through March 15, 2019, Tech Treats is giving away a free business marketing/branding package worth far more than the price of the introductory monthly subscription. This package includes a motion graphics branding video, animated logo and a press release, and the introductory chatbot subscription price is less than $50/month. In addition, unlike many other companies which charge per user per month, Tech Treats offers a flat fee per account, not per user, potentially saving a tremendous amount on operating costs associated with using AI technology.

While the price is expected to increase, in line with other similar platforms, Tech Treats users lock in at whatever price they originally sign up for and they can cancel their subscription at any time. No long contracts are required.

“With this platform, businesses can invest a few hundred dollars per year and potentially save tens of thousands in operating costs,” says M. Newsome-Hester , CEO of Tech Treats. “Having a highly functional AI chatbot will allow business owners to redirect some of their expensive human capital to tasks more directly in line with helping the business grow, while chatbots take over some of the more mundane tasks, such as answering FAQs, showcasing products and services, and capturing leads,” she goes on to say.

Should the chatbot be unable to answer a question to the client’s satisfaction, real-time human takeover of the “conversation” occurs seamlessly.

Some of the chatbot platform features include:

  • Real-time human takeovers and chatbot/user monitoring
  • Message taking and forwarding
  • GDPR-compliant opt-ins
  • Bots can have unlimited FAQs with unlimited utterances
  • Self-training of machine learning algorithm
  • Multi-persona chatbots
  • Cross-channel messaging from one interface
  • Create and send message campaigns which are drip-logic-based messages over time, sent based on when someone joins a list […]

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