Sydney – The mega-hype surrounding artificial intelligence includes geopolitical, social, economic and many other factors. It’s starting to look, however, like artificial intelligence will spring more than a few unexpected surprises on the world, and soon.

SwissCognitiveThe big deal at the moment is who will lead in development of artificial intelligence. A very savvy and very well considered article by Daniel Araya (PhD) in Forbes magazine clearly explains the many players and issues in the current artificial intelligence race. Araya defines the Chinese/United States/corporate/”techno-nationalism” issues, and compares China’s hard-nosed command economy drivers in artificial intelligence to the downright vapid, fragmented American approach. Araya points out that America’s politically driven socioeconomics are significantly out of step with the realities of the inevitable future artificial intelligence driven economies and physical realities. America’s heavily weighted military-industrial complex and other priorities, for example, create a planning diaspora which is almost the exact opposite of China’s efficient and relentless planning model.

Artificial intelligence is probably the single biggest new technology in history. It will make the digital revolution look like a kindergarten birthday party in many ways. Artificial intelligence will affect all technologies, from absolute basics through to the most advanced research, and more. Economically, artificial intelligence driven trading, commerce, and new technical capabilities alone will quite literally redesign human existence. Artificial intelligence will ultimately make all current economic models redundant.

There may be no need for “jobs” and the ridiculous hand to mouth existence of current economic models at all. This is the 21st century for god sake, and we are still lugging around these ridiculous sitcom wage slave lives people are expected to live, like old teddy bears. At the moment, the average human being has to literally repeat the entire process of finding a way to live, having a family, and the rest of the primitive circus of the industrial revolution. Wealth has gravitated to the rich, and the usual generations of misery for everybody else have made capitalism its own worst enemy. Artificial intelligence will effectively destroy this economic model, and good riddance. The question is what is going to replace it, and the answer to that question is well and truly up in the air at the moment. The race for artificial intelligence supremacy game The current big players in artificial intelligence are China and the United States, in “techno-nationalistic” service. The problem with this perspective is that nations are no longer the only players in the game. […]

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