“AI Global Ambassador Program” Launches at SwissCognitive 

Artificial intelligence is growing far beyond the novelty of being able to create robust problem-solving algorithms, becoming more focused on the purpose behind what is created, and the capacity within those inventions to reshape society and quality of life. Those of us working in fields involving AI might sense a watershed moment here, as we look for the chance to connect and share our stories, decision-making processes, and reflections with others who understand the significance of AI in the current global landscape. Some call the energy of this collective Zeitgeist the “gold rush mood”, or as we say, “Goldrausch-Stimmung”. 

At SwissCognitive, we recognize that this is a meaningful time right now, deeper than any fleeting excitement, and our emphasis in founding the AI Global Ambassador Program is on connection— with each other, between systems, approaching technology in the context of encouraging dialogue and reaching meaningful goals.

As Seth Godin says, “Connection is what the economy of the future is built upon.” Making connections that matter, fueling growth in knowledge, influence, and innovation across vast industries and sectors, is embedded in the goals and vision of SwissCognitive. What does it take to be drivers of the new economy of connection, using insight to innovate a better future?

With this in mind, SwissCognitive is taking strides in helping influencers in all areas of Artificial Intelligence build connections with ease and efficiency, initiating an AI Global Ambassador Program now. Apply to join our launch phase of the AI Global Ambassador Program and gain insights and access to a global community with a wealth of AI knowledge and experience: http://bit.ly/2zonNmi

The AI Global Ambassador Program is currently in launch phase. Stay tuned, and thank you for your interest in meaningful connection surrounding AI.

Caitlin Krause

AI Global Ambassador Program

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