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5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Consider

5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Consider

Artificial intelligence stocks remain hot — although perhaps not as hot as they were just a few weeks ago. A number of stocks have taken a big hit in the recent market sell-off.


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SwissCognitiveFrom a long-term standpoint, however, that’s good news. The use of is only going to increase, providing strong growth opportunities for companies exposed to the trend. And the indiscriminate selling in tech, in particular, has left several stocks at more reasonable valuations.

These five Artificial Intelligence stocks all look like potential opportunities to buy on the dip. Each addresses a different portion of the market — but all five should see -related revenue and profits grow for years to come. While none of the stocks are particularly cheap, they probably shouldn’t be. And they also might never again be as cheap as they are right now.

Nvidia (NVDA)

Any list of stocks simply has to include Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA ). The chipmaker’s dominant market position in GPUs (graphics processing units) sets it up perfectly for the hardware requirements of .

Indeed, as Tom Taulli pointed out in September, Nvidia’s opportunity in is expansive. And while NVDA stock isn’t cheap, it’s certainly much cheaper than it has been, particularly after dropping almost 40% in a matter of weeks last month. The stock already has bounced — and there’s plenty of room for that upside to continue. As I’ve written before, there are a lot of reasons to like NVDA stock. The opportunity in and a cheaper price just create two more.

Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL)

Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG , NASDAQ: GOOGL ) is another well-covered play. The company has been investing heavily in for some time now, most notably through its Google Assistant offering. One of Google’s software engineers last week cited “exponential” growth in the industry, which can offset slowing improvements on the hardware side.

Google has been developing its own chips as well, potentially giving it exposure to the entire market. Data will be hosted on Google , run on the company’s chips and even coded through a Google framework.

The question is whether is enough for GOOGL stock. I’ve long been a skeptic toward the stock — but at 17% below July highs, GOOGL stock is cheaper. A 22x-plus forward P/E multiple looks reasonable, particularly since the figure drops below 20x backing out the company’s huge cash hoard. There are still worries about the core search and advertising businesses – but success in new areas like could keep Alphabet’s growth intact for years to come.[…]

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