In which kind of „Dataland“ would the Swiss prefer to live in the time to come? Swiss TV will be trying to find answers to vital questions around the digital transformation and challenges in Switzerland.

The live broadcast will be taking place on November 21, 20:05 [CET] and will last for 3 hours presented by News Anchor Susanne Wille.

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The digitalisation cannot be rolled back anymore, neither for youngsters nor the elderly. All of us are being confronted daily in diverse walks of life. But what does this rapid digitalisation mean for our society? How do we handle the fact that our personal data are being collected almost around the clock? Who can guarantee that in future all citizens possess the necessary knowledge to lead a free and self-determining life in the digital world?

“Digitalisation is likewise promising and threatening and concerns us all. AI and heaps of data with tremendous impact revolutionise our lives and our country. Therefore we have to discuss it, not tomorrow but now. Because machines become stunningly more and more intelligent, we humans have to use our brains and ask: In which „Dataland“ do we want to live? This broadcast is thus a meeting point for tomorrows Switzerland. We as a society are setting the digital direction for the future.“

News Anchor Susanne Wille 

The audience is kindly invited to participate actively in the discussion. In a broad chat on Swiss professionals and experts will provide information and answer questions about the digital changes in Switzerland. SwissCognitive Co-Founders Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze will be present too.

On social media #dataland, the community will take part in the discussion.

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