If you’re having trouble figuring out how artificial intelligence can make a difference in your workplace, you’re not alone. A 2017 Gartner study found that the hype around AI is making it hard for many users to understand the technology’s true value to their organizations.

SwissCognitiveHowever, if you put the hype aside and drill down into some specific ways in which AI and other new technologies like augmented reality can be used in the workplace, you’ll see that they’re already making a measurable difference in a number of ways and that many workers are excited about those changes.

AI, AR Will Make Meetings And Collaboration Better Than Face To Face

Video conferencing/collaboration is just one of several workplace arenas in which AI and augmented reality (AR) are making real inroads, and it’s one that holds a lot of promise. In fact, a recent Zoom survey found that 73% of respondents said they expect AI to have a positive impact on meetings, and 67% claimed the same for AR. Here are just a few of the ways AI and AR are improving collaboration and video meetings today — as well as what we can expect in the coming years.

The New Meeting Scribe: Artificial Intelligence

As I write this, AI has already begun to make video meetings even better. You no longer have to spend time entering codes or clicking buttons to launch a meeting. Instead, with voice-based AI, video conference users can start, join or end a meeting by simply speaking a command (think about how you interact with Alexa).

Voice-to-text transcription, another artificial intelligence feature offered by Otter Voice Meeting Notes (from AISense, a Zoom partner), Voicefox and others, can take notes during video meetings, leaving you and your team free to concentrate on what’s being said or shown. AI-based voice-to-text transcription can identify each speaker in the meeting and save you time by letting you skim the transcript, search and analyze it for certain meeting segments or words, then jump to those mentions in the script. Over 65% of respondents from the Zoom survey said they think AI will save them at least one hour a week of busy work, with many claiming it will save them one to five hours a week. […]