The world is interconnected through the internet. Information sharing and interaction amongst systems have been increased rapidly up to billions. Currently, the Internet is the most significant marketplace for companies across the world. Today, most companies are in businesses that are developed and hosted on cloud like ordering food online to launching a spaceship.

Written by Varun Datta


SwissCognitiveTo manage such vast infrastructures and distributed resources in an arranged way is a typical task and handling it demands more employees, hardware, and access to their end users for interaction. Moreover, companies might have to make upfront investments to manage such infrastructures.

Cloud is providing on-demand services to maintain your whole support. It gives an easy way to access hardware, storage, network, developer tools and databases over the internet. The cloud service providers help manage any queries or difficulties in the work environment. The provider is responsible for maintaining servers, database machine, and other infrastructures that are being provided. A log, alarm, billing limit, technical and non-technical support are available for users 24*7.

Cloud at a glance:

Over the past few years, Cloud Computing has brought revolutionary changes in all sectors. So what makes cloud stand out from other platforms.

  1. Data Centers Virtualization
  2. Softwares as a service

Before the cloud, companies tends to invest in mini data centres that involve costly hardware. Now, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment, because cloud offers the same capacity resources in the virtual environment.

Earlier, the software was restricted to be operated on local machines only. Now, anyone can access to applications remotely. E.g., we can access Microsoft excel online from anywhere on a device which supports it.

Cloud Market Analysis

Currently, the cloud is running as a critical player in the market with the hold of USD 618.52 million by 2017 and has created a lot of employment opportunities for those who know a little bit about the cloud. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM are offering “the platform to work” on their cloud to develop applications for enterprises and more. All of them own their marketplace and provides training and certification programs, for example, Amazon cloud offers aws training, Microsoft has Azure training and certification for developers and users. A lot of work has been performed by IT giants to create a next level marketplace for the cloud.

Rackspace and NASA together developed an emulator OpenStack with database connectivity for the developers to run virtual cloud environment and create more effective applications.

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Automattic Inc., a web development corporation, develops a product WordPress by which peoples started to create their websites very quickly in the cloud.

Today’s IT professionals are prioritised to invest more in cloud services because they are getting all facilities they need through cloud. The best part of the cloud is that it is available for everyone from a large enterprise to small businesses.

Cloud is also involved in booming machine learning and robotics by creating a vast marketplace. Big companies like Amazon are offering platforms like Polly and Lex for working on machine learning and artificial intelligence for developers and beginners. These companies are providing B2B and B2C services directly to the hybrid, private or public cloud.

Manufacturers involved in selling hardware resources are also moving their business to the cloud.  This has minimised the need for on-premise mini data centres. In this race of technology, the infrastructure is maintaining its ranking at the top among all.

Services Cloud Offers:

Cloud can provide services to the public, private and hybrid network. The model of application will either be deployment model or service model. The service model cloud offers are:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  2. Software as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)
  4. Storage as a Service

 Changing your service providers is not easy, but you can move your data from one cloud provider to another easily through cloud migration services.

The infrastructure that cloud offers is efficient in concern with budget, security, resource pooling, elasticity, and on-demand availability. You’ll only pay for what you use. Cloud infrastructure contains virtualized management and deployment software, servers, and platforms.

A plenty of applications have been developed on cloud, working perfectly in various fields, for example, the mobile cloud for SoundCloud, for storage and hosting like S3 ( Simple Storage Service), and Beanstalk. Cloud provides services for cryptocurrency like hardware wallets to security and platforms for developing blockchain applications.

Mapping Outcomes:

Most companies are onboarding their businesses to cloud. Various service-oriented models that are being offered by the cloud, have become the subject of research. The goal is to provide consumer an adequate environment to gain experience in any field he/she wants. Complex business problems or scientific problems can be solved and acknowledged using cloud infrastructure.

The only disadvantage is that if the cloud service provider fails to provide support for the long-term due to any reason like debt, then your business may face downtime which is hard to overcome  in a  short time.

About the Author:

Varun Datta is a serial Entrepreneur and a vivid writer who loves to share what he has learnt in his Entrepreneurial Journey. He has founded multiple companies, out of which is the most innovative one.  It is a waste to energy enterprise which is wholly focused on the production of electricity in order to power the mining of popular cryptocurrencies.