Whether it’s speculation or for real, a lot has been said about AI. Most features like social media alerts and notifications, custom search engine results, e-commerce suggestions, and listings are all empowered by AI-based algorithms. With this, it has become a key aspect of technology world. We will now cognize everything that we know about this field.

Written by Danish Wadhwa


SwissCognitiveWhile few people know what machine learning is, it is one of the biggest breakthroughs in AI, which encompasses complex techniques that allow machines to attain efficiency at tasks with the help of learning and experience.

In the beginning, the AI technology revolution touched a few industries with its benefits. New entrants like Uber and Lyft are prominent examples of this. With this technology, they have redefined the boundaries of the cab industry. Now, AI is widening its radius as growing number of industries joining it to get the benefit of automation.

Beginning with AI is not easy as you need to understand machine learning algorithms, deep learning, big data, super intelligence, business intelligence, etc., to hold the reins. To learn this, you would benefit from an artificial intelligence training course to understand its basics. Moreover, you need to understand the existing AI utilities in different ways to predict if AI will dominate humans in the future or if it is our partner?

Let’s figure it out!

Daily Application

While most people are unaware of the difference between machine learning, AI, and deep learning, we cannot deny the impact these innovations have on our daily lives. These computing methods have become important to drive automated reasoning, learning, and perception. Moreover, our virtual partners  Siri or Cortana are always there to help us no matter what our requirements are.

Let’s talk about some of the everyday uses of AI. Advanced navigation systems like GPS have optimized our driving experience by routing us to destinations on time. Machine Intelligence has given an edge to smartphones as they can predict what we are going to type and correct spelling errors. When we post a picture on social media sites like Instagram, the artificial intelligence algorithm finds and detects a person’s face and tags that individual. Additionally, the financial sector is also taking its advantage using it for organizing and managing data. Artificial intelligence helps detect frauds in a smart card based system.

Predicting Natural Disasters

With the introduction of Google’s models, forecasting weather conditions have become easier and more accurate. You can plan your trips as you get to know about the weather conditions for the next five days. Now, you can even get the information that was impossible with traditional methods in the 1970s. According to IBM, AI has become the prime medium to predicting disasters. Moreover, the IBM Watson rightly predicts the time of volcanic eruptions by detecting the changes in tectonic plates. Likewise, the data that cellphone sensor projects give out data through the phone’s magnetometers, which helps analysts make successful predictions of an earthquake.

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The growth of internet messenger platforms has led to an evolution of Chatbots in 2016. Since then about 20,000 Kik bots and 11,000 Facebook Messenger bots came into view. About 100,000 bots were developed for Facebook Messenger in April 2017. Their multitasking nature, such as handling shopping, travel search and booking, payments, office management, customer support, and task management enable their wider usage.

Luvo, a natural language processing AI bot, is launched by  Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) which resolves queries of RBS, Natwest and Ulster bank customer queries while performing banking tasks like transactions. In case Luvo could not answer a query then the human knowledge is used to answer the same. Though it is the first one to launch this type of service, Sweden’s SwedBank and Spain’s BBVA have started following the same path by launching their virtual assistants.

The National Health Services (NHS) in the UK is another example that has launched an AI-powered chatbot on the 111 non-emergency helplines. Now, about  1.2 million residents in North London prefer a chatbot instead of executives on the 111 helplines.

AI is a new Doctor

Healthcare is leveraging artificial intelligence and how! The healthcare industry use AI to make effective treatment plans by analyzing lots of data. Precision medicine by Deep Genomics is a new treatment plan, in which new computational technologies are developed by researchers to understand genetic linkages and mutations.

AiCure is a mobile application which detects whether a patient is taking a medicine or not. It deploys advanced algorithms with a camera that informs whether a patient follows the prescriptions without skipping a single dose. AI has had some significant advances when it comes to the usage of prescriptions. Babylon is yet another healthcare app with which you get medical consultations and health services on your phone in a few clicks. Being an AI-based app, it tracks your medical results and keeps you updated.


Artificial intelligence is a calling card for automation. We are likely to become faster in our regular tasks, personal or professional, as most of the work would be done by robots. When AI and robotics are implemented together, humans are likely to explore new horizons while gaining access to new avenues that we have only expected to achieve. From genetic engineering to cybersecurity, each sector would get a leap by utilizing its data more effectively.

About the Author:

Danish Wadhwa is a strategic thinker and an IT Pro. With more than six years of experience in the digital marketing industry, he is more than a results-driven individual. He is well-versed in providing high-end technical support, optimizing sales and automating tools to stimulate productivity for businesses.