Being a smart home is no longer enough. At CES 2018, we are seeing truly smart products that have Artificial Intelligence (AI). Forget simple voice commands or setting up routines with smart home appliances, devices or lighting.

SwissCognitiveAI communicates with the cloud, detects and learns your patterns, then automates your home based on your habits. It knows which household member is speaking to it and adjusts to each person’s preferences. Like an efficient assistant (think, Radar on Mash ), it can predict what you want and need even before you ask for it, making your environment comfortable and automating tasks without you telling it what to do.

A personal assisstant for your home

LG has committed to AI in a big way this year, announcing that all of their appliances will be able to be controlled by their ThinQ AI. Using LG’s DeepThinQ 1.0 technology, devices can recognize your voice and, through video, sensor and human body detection, learn and refine tasks and settings through analysis over time. Tell it “Good morning,” or lock a door when you are leaving and it can complete a number of tasks, like turning off lights, running the robotic vacuum while you are out of the house and turning on the air purifier before you return.

LG washers learn how you like to wash certain types of clothing and automatically apply those settings. Your washer would then talk to the dryer, which has learned how you like to dry each type of load. Say “wash sports clothing” and your running shorts won’t accidentally shrink in the dryer. The washer and dryer also communicate with the cloud to make adjustments to the wash and dry cycle based on changes in the weather and air quality, conditions most of us wouldn’t even consider when starting our laundry.

With AI, LG air conditioners know who is in the room and can adjust the temperature based on their preferences. You’ll always be comfortable and you never have to think about it. […]