Artificial intelligence has already disrupted myriad consumer products and services . Soon, a company’s ability to remain competitive will necessitate that they incorporate AI, not only to save time and money, but also to develop products that better serve consumer needs.

SwissCognitiveWhile human beings remain necessary for creating ethical AI strategies and responding appropriately to ambiguity, applications of artificial intelligence are already widespread. To gain a better understanding of how Canadians view artificial intelligence and its impact on their personal and work lives, we surveyed 1001 adults in our Canadian Artificial Intelligence Tracker. One piece of that study, which we share here, focused on perceptions about seven consumer facing companies applying AI technologies.

Leaders in AI Technologies

When asked which of seven companies could be seen as leaders in developing artificial intelligence technologies, nearly half of people said they did not know (43%). Even when given seven global, highly recognizable choices, they could not choose any as a leader.

However, 29% of people did choose Google as a leader in AI technologies. Given that Google holds 58% of browser market share and 74% of search engine share , such widespread access to people could easily increase their likelihood of being recognized. Google has been public about its AI experiments including DeepDream and AutoDraw , as well as its more serious projects like AlphaGo , DeepMind , and Quantum AI projects.

Behind Google, 21% of Canadians chose Apple as a leader in AI technologies. This second place status could be because Apple has been more secret about its research and has published less often. However, given that Apple products have lower market share (3% of browser share, 7% of PC share, 34% of phone share), second place in people’s minds might actually be a good result. People are familiar with Apple’s Siri AI, and Apple is starting to be more public about Core ML, their machine learning technology for Siri, the camera, and QuickType. […]