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Deep Learning Technology: How AI Is Changing The World

Deep Learning Technology: How AI Is Changing The World

As the wave of digital transformation and technologies continues to wash over the world of business, we are seeing significant changes in how companies are communicating with their customers.

SwissCognitiveWith a recent report claiming that the software market will grow from $1.38 billion in 2016 to $59.75 billion by 2025, it’s clear that chatbotsChatbots are computer programs which were engineered to converse in spoken or written form with humans. They are usually used in dialogue systems with a limited topic range. For example, they can answer basic customer questions or help you buy the correct train ticket., machine and technologies will play a crucial role in the future of enterprise communications – but what exactly is it and what kind of impact will it have as the years go by? In order to answer these questions, we decided to write a short yet informative piece on technology and what it brings to the table for businesses in post-digital world.

What is Technology?

is not an unfamiliar concept and the idea of machines that can think has existed for as far back as the 1950s. However, over the last decade or so, we have seen a monumental shift in the development of new technologies that are changing the way people communicate and taking to a whole new level.

If we were to look at machine , a term used to describe the way a computer uses algorithmsAn algorithm is a fixed set of instructions for a computer. It can be very simple like "as long as the incoming number is smaller than 10, print "Hello World!". It can also be very complicated such as the algorithms behind self-driving cars. to analyse data, learn from it and then act on what it has learnt, we can see that works not by following a set of strict instructions set by a programmer, but instead functions independently to analyse wide sources of information available through the cloud and solve problems by itself. uses artificial neural networksNeural Networks are simplified abstract models of the human brain. Usually they have different layers and many nodes. Each layer receives input on which it carries out simple computations, and passes on the result to the next layer, by the final layer the answer to whatever problem will be produced.  to replicate mechanics of human brain.

, then, could be said to be an extension of this that allows the computer to implement machine through a set of algorithms inspired by the structure of the human brain called artificial neural networks. For example, by looking at Chatbots, we can see how the computer uses by feeding data (or a customer’s question) through various layers of these neural networks that ask a series of binary true/false questions to deduct the most logical, human like response by process of elimination.

What are the benefits of Technology?

With machine and technologies such as chatbots and voice recognitionIn voice recognition an algorithm is able to listen to what a human or machine says and write it down and understand its meaning. Image Recognition describes the process of a machine knowing that you are currently looking at cat pictures. Consequently, video recognition denotes the act of a machine watching a video, and being able to understand what it 'sees'., businesses dealing in customer service are given a much more efficient, cost-effective communications solution that minimises call queues and ensures the customer’s problems are solved as quickly as possible. Unlike the old days where largely ineffective IVRs were used to counter call queue traffic, chatbots offer a much more suitable alternative that will either solve the customer’s problem independently using those algorithms or direct the caller through to an agent specially trained to deal with that request. […]

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