Apple consumers should be excited about integration of artificial intelligence in taking photos. Acquisition of Regaind allows Apple photos to generate specific information on a user’s face, gender, age and emotion to improve the user experience. 85% of pictures are now taken with a phone, not a camera. Up 35% from 2011.

SwissCognitiveOne may make the argument that too many consumers and investors are fixated solely on the iPhone. On September 12, 2017, the company announced the release dates of their iPhone 8 and X. This was a hyped event and had consumers buzzing about the new iPhone X’s new features such as facial recognition.

This article is to introduce a different way of thinking about Apple. I want to expose you to how the company is integrating artificial intelligence to better understand the photos you take. Keep in mind that Apple prides themselves heavily on taking fantastic pictures with their iPhones. When you are driving on the freeway, you may have most likely seen an abundant amount of Apple iPhone picture advertisements similar to the one below. As you read, imagine how you would feel as a consumer for this improvement in picture taking. As well, ask yourself how this specific way of artificial intelligence may influence your investment.

Artificial Intelligence in Photos

It only makes sense for Apple to acquire companies such as AI tech startup Regaind to help improve the user-experience in taking photos. The technology is supposed to help and understand your own personal photos. In other words, Regaind’s technology is supposed to help filter the good and bad pictures based on AI. Regaind is a French startup known for its computer vision tech. 

Earlier this year, Apple announced that iOS11 would have a new and improved Photos app, primarily driven by their focus on implementing machine learning and AI. Regaind’s computer vision technology has the ability to analyze the content of photos. If Apple incorporates this into the iPhone, then the application will be able to search for key words you pick. For example, if you searched for “sky” then pictures with a sky background will be shown. This allows the user to quickly find the pictures they need. As claimed on Regaind’s website, the technology cannot only figure out the content of your photos, but also their technical and aesthetic values. Practical application of this will be to help remove duplicates and select best photo in burst shots. Additionally, feature will allow for grouping of images by color and events. iPhone users are able to see their pictures grouped by dates and also have the location of where the picture is taken. Consumers will enjoy AI technology for photos since it eases album creation as well. This feature is something that will likely benefit lots of iOS features.