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What are the Business Benefits of AI?

What are the business benefits of artificial intelligence?

‘The rise of will usher in a new age of human and robotic collaboration and, most importantly, the intuitiveness sought by consumers’ – Ben Rossi

The rise of () may seem a daunting prospect on the surface. In truth, however, this rapidly developing technology presents a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to upskill their workforce and transform the user experience. One of the latest examples from the B2B world comes in the form of Salesforce’s spring release dubbed Einstein for its ability to build data models automatically.SwissCognitive

Leaving the realm of science fiction

systems aren’t the thing of dark science fiction depiction, here to create havoc and ensure robotic domination. Instead, the reality is that the rise of will usher in a new age of human and robotic collaboration and, most importantly, the intuitiveness sought by consumers – a more automated version of business intelligence. In this age where is deemed to be important for the UK economy – so much so that the UK government will invest £20 million in and – the technology will soon serve as an extension to the consumer-grade technology that already exists in the workplace. Business applications like Salesforce, G Suite and WorkDay have not replaced humans, instead they’ve helped free up valuable time for workers to become more creative and focus on innovative and higher value activities. will continue this trend and allow workers to focus on the processes which benefit them and their customers most on a day-to-day basis.

Welcome innovation with open arms

Embracing this new technology, rather than rebelling against it, will be crucial. The rise of presents the perfect opportunity to upskill the workforce, providing workers with the freedom to upgrade their skill set, because take the strain on those tasks which were once restrictive, mundane or time consuming. For industries such as manufacturing, robotic technology has been responsible for transforming simple yet time-consuming processes that have taken up valuable resources. Not only is the technology able to provide more consistent and reliable outcomes, it is now evolving through the integration of big data and into agile machines. Robotics are now capable of constantly improving and innovating to ensure that this sector is able to grow and thrive.


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