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A list of Jobs given by my Linkedin Contacts

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Advanced Analytics Data Scientist
Advanced Technology Engineer – Machine – Connected vehicles
Advisor – Member Practice – RPA
Advisor – Machine
– Analyst
– Analytics Analyst
– Architect
– Consultant
– Data Science Search Consultant
– Data Scientist – Computer Vision – Machine
– Accelerated Analytics Business Development Manager
– Developer
– Digital Reinvention Expert
DronesDrones are defined as unmanned aircrafts, they can be very small or rather large. Most drones cannot operate completely autonomous, but need human inputs. Moreover, there are a lot of laws in place which do not allow for private drones to fly out of sight. – Education – Animation
– Engineer
– Expert
– Faculty
– Fellow
– Machine
– Manager
Software Engineer
– Performance Optimization – Smart-Connected Platform Business Director
– Pioneer – Advisor – Key-Note Speaker – Investor
– Programmer
– Research Computer Specialist
– Research Engineer
– Researcher
– Researcher – Modelling – Analytics Manager – Research Team
– Robotics Researcher
– Senior Software Developer
– Software – Automotive Engineering Consultant
– Software Engineer
– Specialist
– Specialist – Data Scientist
– Team Director
– Trainer
Virtual RealityVirtual Reality is an array of technologies in combination with head gear that lets the user submerge himself into different worlds. The algorithms build virtual landscapes which the user can explore by moving around or turning his/her head.  Strategist
Algorithm Analyst –
Algorithmic – Machine Expert
Analytical Linguist
Analytical Linguistic – Project Manager
Analytics – Consumer Insight – CRM – Loyalty – Data Science – – Machine
Analytics Manager
Analytics Specialist
Angel Investor smart platforms – algorithmsAn algorithm is a fixed set of instructions for a computer. It can be very simple like "as long as the incoming number is smaller than 10, print "Hello World!". It can also be very complicated such as the algorithms behind self-driving cars. – complex patterns
Ant Financial Services Group – Department – Algorithm Engineer
Applied Machine Technical Lead
Assistant Vice President – Data Scientist
Associate Manager – Research Ops
Associate Professor for Virtual Reality
Associate Professor of Computer Science –
Attending Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Author – Speaker –
Automation Architect
Automation Consultant – – Tools
Automation Engineer
Autonomous Driving Research Engineer
AVP – Data Science – Application Architecture
AVP Big DataBig Data describes data collections so big that humans are not capable of sifting through all of it in a timely manner. However, with the help of algorithms it is usually possible to find patterns within the data so far hidden to human analyzers.  – Analytics – - Computing – Global Research Director

BI – Data Analyst
Big Data – Architect
Big Data – Computer Vision Specialist
Big Data – Data Science – Data AnalyticsData analysis is simply put the study of data in order to take better informed decisions. All business decisions should be made with the best information available, data analysis tries to provide this information through different algorithms and statistical techniques.
Big Data – Data Science – Spark – – Consultant
Big Data – Hadoop Developer
Big Data Architect – Eng – Hadoop – Spark – Storm – Kafka – Impala-Hive – Sqoop – R – Java – Python – Scala – NoSQL
Big Data Developer
Big Data Engineer
Big Data Machine – Enterprise – Mobile Apps
Big Data Scientist
Big Data Scientist – Web Profiling Expert
Big Data Software Engineer
Bigdata Analyst – Integration Engineer
Bigdata Infrastructure Engineer
Board Member Council
Business Consultant
Business Data Processing Specialist with College of PET Degree
Business Developer M2M – IoT
Business Development HPC –
Business Development M2M – IoT
Business Development Manager – Institute of
Business Development Manager M2M – IoT
Business Development Manager Oracle Database Appliance EMEA
Business Excellence – RPA Manager
Business Excellence Advisory – RPA
Business Excellence Advisory Associate Manager – RPA
Business Improvement – – Expert – Author
Business Management – Europe – Agile Talents Team – Germany
Business Manager – – Research Global
Business Process – Project Management: Data – Information – Production – Supply
Business Solution Manager Data Analytics

CDO – Transformation
CEO – Data Science – Development
CEO – Architect
CEO – Founder – Navigate the new frontier of Robotics –
CEO – Senior Consultant Virtualisierung – Computing
CEO applying – Machine – Decision Automation

Chief Officer
Chief Scientist – Director
Chief Architect – Computing
Chief Officer – Founder
Chief Officer
Chief Computational Scientist
Chief Data Officer
Chief Data Science Officer
Chief Data Scientist
Chief Marketing – Digital Officer
chief RPA
Chief Scientific Officer – Data Science –
Chief Scientist Officer – – SVP – Advanced Technology
Chief Scientist Officer – Head of Data Sciences – Bloomberg Data
Clinical Predictive AnalyticsPredictive Analytics describes the process of analysing data with statistical algorithms and machine learning in order to make prediction about future events based on historical data. A simple application is the weather forecast, more complex cases involve the prediction of consumer's behavior. 
Big Data UX Lead
Co-Founder – Chief Robotics Technologies Officer
Co-Founder – Fullstack – Data Engineer
Cofounder – Vice President Research
Co-Founder – VP
– Industry Solutions – Travel – Transportation – Europe
Computing – Industry Solutions
Computing – Strategy Planner
product developer
Project Lead
Software Engineer
Solutions – Industrial Sector
Solutions – Insurance Executive
Solutions Lead
Computational Linguist
Computational Linguist – Knowledge Engineer
Computational Linguist – technologist
Computational Linguist – UX content writer
Computational Linguist Consultant
Computational Linguist mater searcher
Computational Scientist
Computer Vision – Scientist
Computer Vision – Machine Engineer
Computer Vision – Machine R&D Engineer
Computer Vision Engineer
Computer Vision Manager
Computer Vision Research Scientist
Computer Vision Researcher
Computer Vision Researcher – Senior R&D Engineer
Computer Vision Scientist
Computer Vision Scientist – Consultant
Consultant – Data Science – Big Data – – Machine
Consultant – Tech Lead- RPA
Consultant BI – Data Analytics
Consultant Big Data
Consultant CTO – Mobile – Gaming – Big Data
Consulting Manager – Data Science – Data Engineering – Machine – Robotics –
Coordinator DEX – Automation – RPA Expert
Coordinator research field Virtual Identity
Country Manager – Sales Director –
Country Manager Data Center – Hybrid Alps
Course Assistant:
CTO – Data Scientist –
CTO – research
Customer Engagement
CXO Consultant: Procurement – Corporate Strategy with a strong interest – – Machine
Cyber SecurityCyber Security describes the protection of computer systems. The systems' hardware, software, as well as data which is stored in it can be stolen, damaged, taken off line etc. While there is less sensitive data, it does make sense to protect for example customer data or systems which run nuclear plants from being hacked. – Big Data Research – Development Group Manager
Cybersecurity – IoT

Data – Analytics Acquisition Manager
Data – Analytics Talent Acquisition
Data Adventurer
Data Analyst
Data Analyst Contractor via Monster-Code Corporation
Data Analytics – Machine Expert
Data Analytics – Smart Technologies Manager
Data Architect
Data Center Controller – – Machine
Data Creative – IA
Data Engineer
Data Governance Manager
Data Mining
Data Mining Consultant – Risk – Fraud – Marketing
Data Science – Machine
Data Science – Machine Consultant
Data Science – Machine Research
Data Science Consultant
Data Science Engineer – Big Data –
Data Science Lead
Data Science Team Lead
Data Scientist
Data Scientist – Engineer
Data Scientist – applied behavioural research
Data Scientist – Applied Machine
Data Scientist – Big Data Analytics – IoT
Data Scientist – Consultant
Data Scientist – Data Analyst
Data Scientist – – Computer Vision
Data Scientist – Demand Planning
Data Scientist – Fraud – Chargeback Analytics
Data Scientist – International Advanced Analytics
Data Scientist – IoT
Data Scientist – IT Consultant
Data Scientist – Machine
Data Scientist – Machine – Predictive Modelling – – Data Mining –
Data Scientist – Machine Engineer
Data Scientist – Machine Engineer – Data Analyst –
Data Scientist –
Data Scientist – Engineer
Data Scientist – Project Manager IT
Data Scientist – Senior Computing Consultant
Data Scientist – Senior Scientist
Data Scientist – Watson Consultant
Data Security Risk Director
Database – Systems – Software Consulting

– Algorithms Researcher
– Computer Vision
– Data Scientist – Enterprise Architect
– Evangelist
– Faculty – Advisor
– Graduate Fellow

– R&D
Research – Development Engineer
Research Assistant
Research Engineer
Research Engineer –
Research Scientist
Researcher – Research Engineer
Software Engineer
Start-up Business Manager
Tech Lead
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Developer – Data Science Researcher
Developer – Machine
Developer – Product Owner – ADAS – highly automated driving
DevOps – System Software Engineer – IoT Developer Evangelist
Director –
Director – – Customer Insights
Director – – Machine – Cyber Security
Director – Outreach
Director – Research
Director – Big Data –
Director – Center for Machine
Director – Data – Systems
Director – Data Science
Director – Digital Analytics Big Data –
Director – Global Head Database Services Engineering
Director – Global Industry Leader Watson IoT for Manufacturing
Director – Product Management – Machine Solutions Group
Director – Product Management of Data Analytics
Director – Products – Platforms – – Consultant Big Data – Analytics
Director Business Development – – IOT
Director Data Analytics
Director Global Partnerships – Search –
Director of
Director of – Data Science
Director of Analytics –
Director of Analytics – Watson – Watson Health – DACH
Director of Intelligence Europe
Director of Data – Analytics
Director of Data – Intelligence + Legal
Director of Data Science
Director of Data Science – Analytics
Director of Data Science – Analytics – Strategic Defence – Intelligence Systems
Director of Data Science – Machine Specialist – Quantitative Analyst
Director of Machine
Director of Machine – Operational Intelligence
Director of Product Development – Messaging – – NLU
Director of Product Management – Business Architect
DiSenioruptive Innovation – Emerging Tec Consultant –
Distinguished Engineer – Machine – Optimization – Advanced Analytics
Distinguished Scientist – Vice General Manager – Lab
Doctorate Virtual – Intelligence Artificial
Drones-as-a-Service – for Construction Aggregates – Mining

Editor of Research
Emeritus Professor of
Engineer –
Engineering Manager – Data Pipeline
Entrepreneur – Enthusiast
EVP LoB Digital Assets – IoT
Executive Consultant – Big Data – Machine
Executive Director – Digital Intelligent Assistant – – – BotsA bot is a piece of code, which does a predefined set of actions on behalf of someone. Bots are used to manage Twitter Followers, they answer email requests or order more supplies as soon a certain item runs low.
Executive Director Spark Technology Center – Machine
Exosphere – Founder – CEO – Building Augmented Intelligence through
Expert Data Analytics
Expert Data Scientist

Face Analysis using
Flight Data Analyst
Founder – Chief Machine Engineer
Founder – Data Guide
Founder + CTO + Architect
Founder Big Data – Machine Consulting
Founder Self-driving e-Boat
Founding Director – Advanced Research Laboratory

General Manager Solutions
Global BPS F – A RPA – Source
Global Partner Management – Saffron Analytics
Global Research Managing Director –
GM –
Graduate Research Assistant – Machine – Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab

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Graduate Student –
Group DigitalizationDigitalization describes the process of digitalizing everything which can be digitalized. This process is found in workplaces but also in every day home life. For example, less paper is used, as letter are replaced by emails. Products – Services – Autonomous Driving
Group Product Manager – – Machine Platform
Group Product Manager- Machine – Intelligence

Head Competence Center Mobile – IoT
Head Data Science – Machine Group
Head Global Delivery – RPA
Head Global HR of Development GSL Big Data – Cyber Security
Head Global of Advanced Analytics – IoT
Head Global of implementation
Head Global of Product – Solutions Management – Big Data Decision Management Products
Head Group – RPA Practice
Head Group of
Head Mobile – IoT
Head New Product Sales – Smart Messaging Platform BOTs
Head of
Head of – Intelligent Automation
Head of – Machine
Head of – Machine Group
Head of – Laboratory
Head of Unit
Head of Analytics – Chief Data Scientist
Head of Analytics – Data Science
Head of Automation – RPA Global Center of Expertise
Head of BI – Big Data
Head of BI – Data Warehousing
Head of Big Data – BI
Head of Big Data Infrastructure
Head of Big Data Mobility Insights
Head of Client Success – Lab Services – Watson IoT
Head of Computational – Corpus Linguistics Laboratory
Head of Corpus Linguistics Programme Area
Head of Data
Head of Data Analytics
Head of Data Center
Head of Data Intelligence
Head of Data Lab Data Science – Applied
Head of Data Management – Analytics
Head of Data Science
Head of Data Science – Advanced Analytics
Head of Data Science – – Machine Group
Head of Data Science Mobility
Head of Data Strategy – Analytics
Head of Database Operations 3rd Party
Head of – genetics – genomics
Head of digital enterprise services division – CDO
Head of Digital Robotics Solution Center
Head of Emerging Technologies – Big Data – IoT – Autonomous Agents
Head of Go to Market Marketing Watson Customer Engagement Europe
Head of Linguist Team FR – Computational linguist
Head of M2M – IoT – Mobile Services
Head of Machine
Head of Machine – Data Science
Head of Machine Engineering
Head of Managed Information – Data
Head of Marketing – Products Group
Head of Operations –
Head of Operations – Digital – Data Analytics Lab
Head of Presales – Infrastructure – Data Management CEE
Head of Product
Head of Product Design – – Machine Group
Head of Research – Development – Big Data – BI
Head of Research – Senior Machine Scientist
Head of Research Industry 4.0 – IoT
Head of Services – Center
Head of Smart Data – Analytics
Head of Strategic Data Management
Head of Team Data Quality Management
Head of Technology – Database
Head of the – Robotics Labs
Head of Urologic Oncology – Robotic Surgery
Head Search – Solutions

Image RecognitionIn voice recognition an algorithm is able to listen to what a human or machine says and write it down and understand its meaning. Image Recognition describes the process of a machine knowing that you are currently looking at cat pictures. Consequently, video recognition denotes the act of a machine watching a video, and being able to understand what it 'sees'. – Machine Consultant
Independent Data Scientist
Innovation – Technology –
Innovation Scientist – Image Processing – Machine Scientist
Inspirational Trainer – Speaker for
Intelligence Analyst – Linguist
Interaction Designer – – Research
International Business Development Executive for Watson IoT Solutions
International Director of – Analytics
Investor – Board Advisor – IoT –
IoT – Market Development Manager
IoT – Project Manager
IoT – Solution Sales Specialist

Junior Researcher
Junior Data Scientist
Junior Knowledge Engineer – Computational Linguist
Junior Linguist
Junior Machine Engineer

Knowledge Champion IoT –

Laboratory of – Decision Support
Large Scale Data –
Leader – Analytics Team
Leader – Camp Team
Leader – GTM North America
Leader – Machine – Data Analytics Engineer
Leader Engineer
Leader Architect – Big Data – Connected Home – IoT Platform
Leader Architect – RPA
Leader Automation
Leader Automation –
Leader Computing Business – Head Contact One Service Desk
Leader Solutions – Global Business Services – Asia Pacific
Leader Computational Linguist
Leader Computer Vision – Team
Leader Computer Vision Technical – Automated Parking
Leader Cross-Industry – IoT Taskforce Digital Cities – Regions
Leader CX Intelligence Specialist – Innovation – Data Scientist
Leader Data quality Management
Leader Data Science – Data Engineering Recruiter
Leader Data Scientist
Leader Data Scientist
Leader Data Scientist – Machine Engineer
Leader Data Scientist – Senior DevOp – Engineering – Machine
Leader Data Scientists Team
Leader Developer
Leader Engineer
Leader Team
Leader Digital Insights – – Analytics Team – Digital Insights Expert
Leader Engineer – Machine
Leader Global – – Open Innovation
Leader Group – Web Science – – Semantic Web
Leader Innovation – Data – Analytics
Leader IoT
Leader Machine Engineer
Leader Machine Engineer – Data Science Manager – Researcher
Leader Machine Scientist
Leader Principal Engineer –
Leader Program – – Technology – Investment
Leader Program – Computing – Academic Initiatives – Public Affairs
Leader R&D Team – Machine
Leader Research – User Experience Innovator – Usability – Expert
Leader Scientist – Marketing Data Science – Optimisation
Leader Solutions Architect – Big Data – Advanced Analytics
Leading Algorithm Engineer – Machine Expert
Leading Data Science special missions
Linguista computazionale
Linguiste informaticien et coordinateurs de projets
Linguiste informaticienne
Linguistic Consultant
Linguistic Data Evaluator
Linguistic Project Manager
Linguistics Expert
Localisation Project Manager – Computational Linguist

Machine based Trading System – Operation Research
Machine Engineer
Machine – Computer Vision – Data Scientist
Machine – Computer Vision Engineer
Machine – Data Mining Practitioner
Machine – Data science apprentice
Machine – Data solutions architect
Machine – Amateur Programmer
Machine Researcher – Autonomous Vehicles
Machine – Search Consultant
Machine Lead
Machine Team Manager
Machine Advisor
Machine Algorithm Design Engineer
Machine Code Reviewer
Machine Consultant
Machine Data Analyst
Machine Data Scientist
Machine Developer
Machine Development Manager
Machine Director – Principal Investigator
Machine Engineer
Machine Engineer – Data Scientist
Machine Engineer – Data Scientist
Machine Engineer – Personalization
Machine Engineer – Self Networks – SARL
Machine Engineering
Machine Expert
Machine Expert – Developer
Machine Lead
Machine Manager
Machine Manager – Siri Speech Data
Machine Nanodegree Lead
Machine Ninja
Machine Project Reviewer
Machine Quant
Machine Research – Mechanics – Control
Machine Research Assistant
Machine Research Engineer
Machine Research Student
Machine Researcher
Machine Researcher – Engineer
Machine Scientist
Machine Scientist – Consultant
Machine Scientist – senior data scientist
Machine Scientist – Strategic Innovation Group – Senior Consultant
Machine Scientist – Amazon Video
Machine Senior Software Engineer
Machine Software Developer
Machine Software Engineer
Machine Specialist
Machine Strategist
Machine Team Lead
Machine Tutor
Management Consultant – Data Scientist
Manager – Digital – Data Science Strategy
Manager – Machine
Manager – Natural Language Understanding – Dialogue
Manager – R&D
Manager – Research
Manager – RPA
Manager – RSM – Analytics – Department

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Manager Datacenter – Applications
Manager Digital Computers – Digital Data Handling Electronics
Managing Consultant – Digital Strategy
Managing Consultant Data Science – Business Analytics
Managing Director practice
Master – – Robotics
Master Thesis : Machine on the on-board diagnostic data
Master Thesis Student –
Masters’s Student – Data Science
Mobile – IoT Evangelist – Senior Product Manager
Mobile Solutions Area Manager – – Virtual Reality – Wearables

Natural Language Engineer
Natural Language Generation engineer – Data scientist
Natural Language Specialist
Natural Language Understanding
Natural Language Understanding Engineer
Natural Language Understanding Group Manager
Natural Language Understanding Research Engineer
– Algorithms Group Manager – Text Metadata Services
Computing Architect
– Consultant
– Engineer
– Machine Data Scientist
– Machine Engineer
– Machine Engineer – Content Intelligence
– Research Engineer
– Researcher
– Specialist
– Expert

Partner – Data – Analytics Leader
Partner Director of Science –
PhD Candidate –
PhD Candidate – – Computer Science
PhD Candidate – for life sciences
PhD Candidate – Computational Linguistics
PhD Candidate –
PhD Candidate – Machine
PhD Candidate – Machine – Computer Science
PhD Candidate – Machine – Computer Vision
PhD Candidate – Machine – Data Mining
PhD Candidate – multilingual image captioning with
PhD Candidate – – Translation Technologies
PhD Candidate – Research Assistant – Machine
PhD Candidate – Robotics –
PhD Candidate – Scalable Machine for Fraud Detection
PhD Candidate – Use of to deliver legal services
PhD Computer Science –
PhD Data Scientist
PhD Machine
PhD Principal Linguist
Physiotherapist – Occupational Health
Post-Doc Research Associate – – Data Science
Postdoctoral Researcher – Computational Linguistics
Postdoctoral Researcher –
Praktikumsstudent Data Security – Compliance
Pre-Sales IoT Systems Engineer
President – CIO – Enterprise Data Architect – Leader Project Manager
President – Industry Analyst for Big Data – IoT – – Smart Cities
President – SAP Business Data Network
Principal – Technical Program Manager – Computing
Principal –
Principal – Consultant – Data Science – Big Data Engineering
Principal – Data – Analytics Scientist
Principal – Data Scientist
Principal – Data Scientist – Designer
Principal – Director – Chief Technologist Smart Solutions – Digital Twins – IoT –
Principal – Engineer – Machine
Principal – Engineer – Machine – Robotics – Data Science
Principal – Engineer – Product Owner –
Principal – Linguistic Engineer
Principal – Machine Engineer
Principal – Machine - Data Scientist – Research
Principal – Research Analyst – Data Management – Data – Analytics
Principal – Research Scientist –
Principal – Solution Specialist – Data Platforms
Principal – Solutions Specialist – Machine – Advanced Analytics – Data Services
Product Innovation –
Product Manager – Machine – Advanced Analytics
Product Manager – Product Owner – iOS – BI – Data Science
Product Manager – – Machine Group
Product Owner –
Product Owner
Professor – Linguistics
Professor – Linguistics
Professor – – Machine
Professor – Probabilistic Models for Machine – Big Multimedia Data Analysis
Professor – Computational Lexicology
Professor –
Professor – Computational Linguistics
Professor – Computational Linguistics –
Professor – Robotics –
Project Leader – Assistant Manager – Products – RPA
Project Leader – Data Scientist
Project Manager – RPA
Project Manager Collaborative Robotics
Project Statistician – Machine Scientist
Pronunciation Linguist
Public policy on Smart Cities IoT –

Quantitative Engineer – Machine

R&D Architect – Machine
R&D Computational Linguist
R&D Engineer – Computer Vision – Machine
R&D Engineer – Machine
R&D Machine Expert
R&D Professional – Project Management –
Reader – Computational Linguistics
Recruiter for + Research
Regional Director AlpS – Data Protection Solutions
Research – Development – Product – Data – Research Unit
Research Aide –
Research Analyst – Machine
Research Assistant – Multiagent Systems –
Research Assistant – Robotics –
Research Director – – Machine Group
Research Director – CSP Mobility – IoT
Research Director – R&D
Research Director – Robotics – Products – Services – – Enabling Technologies
Research Fellow – Early Stage Researcher – Big Data – Finance
Research Scientist
Research Scientist Machine
Research Staff – Algorithms
Researcher – Big Data – Machine
Researcher – Machine
Researcher – Machine Expert
Researcher –
Researcher Computational Linguistics
Robotic – laparoscopic urologic surgeon
Robotic Engineer
Robotic Systems Engineer
Robotics –
RPA – Automation Architect
RPA – Innovation Management – RPA Development
RPA – Tech lead
RPA – Architect
RPA – Architect
RPA – Consultant – Product Trainer
RPA – Developer
RPA – Developer – Blue Prism Accredited
RPA – Developer – Trainer
RPA – Engineer
RPA – Expert
RPA – Lead
RPA – Leader – Advisory Center – Digital
RPA – Solutions Lead
RPA – UI Path, Blue Prism – Modeling Openspan Automation

Sales Business Development Director – innovative digital marketing – Bots
Sales Director – Federal Government – Watson – Computing –
Sales Director for Data Insights – Big Data – – Machine – Predictive Analysis solutions
Sales Director Northern Europe-
Senior Account Executive – Realtime – IoT – Big Data Platform
Senior Engineer
Senior Engineer
Senior Engineer – Computational Linguist
Senior Analyst ICT – Enterprise Solutions – Smart Technologies – SDx – Networking –
Senior Analytical Linguist – Application Architect – Computing
Senior Associate – Advisory Services – – RPA
Senior Business Analyst – RPA
Senior Business Development Manager for Machine
Senior Architect for Amelia
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Computational Linguist
Senior Computational Linguist – Manager
Senior Consultant – Computing
Senior Consultant – RPA
Senior Consultant – RPA
Senior Consultant – RPA
Senior Consultant Big Data – Analytics
Senior Consultant Specialist – Computing
Senior Data Analyst
Senior Data Analyst – Machine
Senior Data Engineer
Senior Data Mining Manager
Senior Data Science – Consultant
Senior Data Science Recruitment Consultant
Senior Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist
Senior data scientist – big data – machine architect
Senior Data Scientist – Machine
Senior Data Scientist – Machine Research
Senior Data Scientist – Lead
Senior Data Scientist – Software Engineer
Senior Data Scientist Consultant
Senior Data Warehouse Architect
Senior Database Administrator
Senior Engineer
Senior Director – Automation
Senior Director – Data Management – BI
Senior Director – Data Sciences – Innovation Labs
Senior Director of Machine
Senior Director- RPA – Practice Leader –
Senior Engineer – – Software R&D Center
Senior Engineer – Computer Vision –
Senior Engineer – Data Science
Senior Expert –
Senior Interaction Designer – – Machine Group,
Senior IT Architect – Watson
Senior Lecturer – Research – Computing –
Senior Linguistic Solutions Architect
Senior Machine Developer
Senior Machine Analyst
Senior Machine Engineer
Senior Machine Engineer – onsite Microsoft
Senior Machine Researcher
Senior Machine Scientist
Senior Manager – Core Machine
Senior Manager – Data – Analytics
Senior Manager – Data Science
Senior Manager – Head Data Science Hub
Senior Manager – Machine Algorithms Group
Senior Manager – expert
Senior Manager – RPA
Senior Manager Data Services
Senior Manager Digital Transformation – Chief Product Owner
Senior Manager Vehicles – Robotics
Senior Natural Language Research Scientist – Natural Language Understanding Engineer
Senior Natural Language Understanding Developer
Senior Data Scientist
Senior Engineer
Senior Principal – Consultant – Data Science – Predictive Analytics
Senior Principal Software Engineer – Platform Architect – DevOps – Machine
Senior Product Manager –
Senior Product Manager – – Research
Senior Program Manager – Natural Language Experiences
Senior Research Engineer – Machine R&D
Senior Research Scientist – Machine Algorithms
Senior Research Scientist – Manager – Robotic Systems Estimation – Decision – – Control
Senior Research Scientist – Speech Recognition – Machine
Senior Researcher –
Senior Researcher Data Science –
Senior Researcher-machine
Senior RPA Engineer
Senior Scientist – Laboratory
Senior Scientist –
Senior Software Architect – Data Scientist
Senior Software Development Engineer – Big Data
Senior Software Engineer – Data Systems
Senior Software Engineer – Machine
Senior Software Engineer – Machine
Senior Software Engineer – Machine Researcher
Senior Software Engineer – Manager – Machine Expert – Inventor – Technologist
Senior Solutions Architect – Community Manager NALA
Senior Specialised Sales – Data Center Services
Senior Staff TPM – Machine
Senior Strategy Consultant –
Senior Technical Leader –
Senior Technical Writer – Big Data – Machine
Senior Vice President – Advanced R&D – Director of
Senior Vice President – Solutions
SEO Data Analyst
Service Delivery Manager – – Robotics Department
SModelling – Consultant
Snr Purchasing Manager – Global Automation –
Soft Computing – Data Mining
Software Architect –
Software Developer – Computer Vision – Machine
Software Developer – Machine – Big Data
Software Developer Computational Linguistics –
Software Development – Machine Engineer
Software Development Engineer II – Machine
Software Engineer –
Software Engineer – – Machine Group
Software Engineer – Data Scientist
Software Engineer – Machine
Software Engineer –
Software Engineer
Software engineer big data
Software Engineer Data Processing
Software Engineer level 4 Technical Research – Development –
Software Engineer Team Leader RPA – Automation anywhere certified
Solution – Project Manager IoT
Solution Executive RPA
Sparse Coding – Researcher
Speech Data Ops Language Engineer
Speech Scientist – Machine Scientist
Staff Applied Scientist –
Staff Research Engineer – Machine
Startup FinTech – Big Data et Intelligence Artificielle
Strategy – IoT – Remote Services – Industry 4.0
Student Employee Data Science – Intelligence
Student Mentor Engineering
Supervisor – Autonomous Vehicle IT Solutions
SVP – IoT – – Robotics
SVP Data Science
SVP of
Systems Engineer Storage – Virtualization

Teacher Assistant Bachelor
Teacher Assistant Machine
Teaching Assistant –
Teaching Assistant – Machine
Teaching Assistant for Databases Course
Teaching Fellow –
Teaching Fellow – CS 182:
Team Leader – Big Data – Network Intelligence
Team Leader Data center
Team Leader Data Science –
Team Leader Virtual Platform – Unified Storage
Team Manager – Data Science – Big Data – Scala – DevOps – Mobile – JS
Teamleader Data Communication Network
Tech Architecture Delivery Assoc Mgr –
Tech Leader for Machine
Tech Leader of Machine for Ads
Technical Director –
Technical Leader – Computational Linguist
Technical Leader RPA
Technical Principal – RPA Delivery Expert
Technical Program Manager – Applied Machine
Technical Sales – IoT
Technical Software Evangelist – Big Data Analytics
Technical Support Services BP Channels Sales Leader – IOT Europe
Technologist – Consultant – for Healthcare Data Analytics
Technology Iberia
Technology Architecture Analyst –
Technology Consultant – Advisor – Imaging – Machine – Embedded Systems
TSP-P for Azure – Modern Datacenter

User Experience Researcher – – Machine Group

Visiting Professor for – Machine
VP – Distinguished Analyst – Chief Data Officer Research
VP – Data Scientist – – Computer Vision
VP – Machine
VP – Security Analytics
VP Lab
VP Analytics –
VP Business Development – Crowd Optimization for Web – Social – eCommerce
VP Data Science
VP Data Science Lead
VP Digital Assets – IoT – Head of Connected Vehicles R&D
VP HPC – – – Machine
VP Intelligent Businesss Automation – – Machine – Autonomics
VP Machine
VP Machine Algorithms
VP Product Development – Big Data Analyst
VP Sales – IIoT – Energy
VP Smart Data Analytics – Communication – – Telecom Innovation Lab
VP Speech Recognition – Natural Language Understanding Research

Watson –
Watson Analytics Sales Leader – EMEA
Watson European Business Architect
Watson Marketing Architect
Watson Research Scientist
Working student – Machine

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