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A real Love Story – AI is now the best friend IT ever had

AI is now the best friend IT ever had

is now the best friend IT ever had

If you look past the hype, existential concerns, and fear that is a CIA mole, there are some genuinely exciting developments happening in the world of .

Some of these have very specific applications, such as medical imaging, diagnostic capabilities, or satellite imagery recognition. Others, like digital assistants — or even robots — are poised to dramatically impact how we live and work on a broader scale.

Of course, most of us care about more than just a series of clever tricks. We want that does more than the bare minimum — which thus far has been defined as tedious manual tasks that are a nuisance for humans to complete. We want that can be harnessed to truly augment and enhance human intelligence, to keep in stride with us and act as a personal, contextually aware virtual assistant. IT professionals, in particular, can’t wait for the ultimate companion, which represents an imaginary best work friend come to life who you can interact with across a number of different interface types.

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But what exactly does this look like? First, as we’re talking about a personal assistant, your should have a name; let’s call your companion Bender. Bender is a bot that comes to you pre-trained with a number of basic skills and interfaces, such as voice recognition, , an augmented reality system, and more. In addition, Bender is equipped with machine-learning algorithms to learn about your work life, work habits, and any real-world factors that affect your job.

So what can Bender do? Let’s look at an example.

Say you’re a developer at a global company, and you have teammates in India and Brazil. You don’t speak Hindi or Portuguese and your teammates don’t speak English, but you need to meet on a weekly call to go […]

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