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Virtual Dugout – Are the AI Wars coming?

The Coming AI Wars

Is the competition fair?

If you accept that business is always evolving, and changing then you won’t be surprised by this forecast. Think ultimate velocity. Think the next wave of digital disruption. This makes mobile, big dataBig Data describes data collections so big that humans are not capable of sifting through all of it in a timely manner. However, with the help of algorithms it is usually possible to find patterns within the data so far hidden to human analyzers.  and the cloud seem like old news. The competitive landscape of companies, markets and individuals just got very complex and interesting. Artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence knows many different definitions, but in general it can be defined as a machine completing complex tasks intelligently, meaning that it mirrors human intelligence and evolves with time., is the new competitive advantage.

Reality check coming up

Our civilization is heading for a reality check. We will need to make a call very soon. That is about how the Wars will play out. Do we want a Human-Centric Future, enabled by but not replaced by ? This will be a central question in the debate over in work, society and business. We need to consider the future trends in that would challenge the Human-Centric Future. maybe both our greatest competition and our greatest creation. We have entered a new era—The Wars. Artificial intelligence, and the current computer programs that deliver various forms of machine , , neural networksNeural Networks are simplified abstract models of the human brain. Usually they have different layers and many nodes. Each layer receives input on which it carries out simple computations, and passes on the result to the next layer, by the final layer the answer to whatever problem will be produced.  and cognitive computing is emerging fast as a competitive force in every industry, nation and market. The only question that matters is Are You Future Ready? How will you adapt, integrate into your business or career as you prepare for the Wars?

SwissCognitive LogoBig companies already on the battle ground

Amazon is using to compete against all of the other retailers on the planet and Google Home. Tesla’s downloads updated geo-intelligence to compete against all the other car brands that don’t update via the cloud. IBM’s Watson is automating decision analysis that competes with clinics and hospitals not enabled by its cognitive computer. This is just the beginning of the Wars. Companies that are using to compete will shape the future of . There are companies using for diagnosing disease, deciphering law, designing fashion, writing films, drafting music, reading taxes or figuring out if your a terrorist, fraudster or threat. is everywhere. If you are within sight of a video camera, cell phone, city, driving in a car or traveling by transit, online or off, unless you are on Mars you are likely exposed to in real-time. You may not know this […]

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