Mass job loss? Due to automation

Most experts say we are not ready for the massive job losses that will happen because of automation. In most instances, we think we are interested in innovation, but we are mostly interested in “incremental innovation” such as changing the proverbial flavour of the ice cream, adding a blade to a razor, or buying a welding robot.

Technical vs. Social innovation

A bigger step is social innovation, the changing of mindset, attitude, and culture. As they say, culture beats strategy every day. Many have figured out that if we don’t learn to think differently, we will not solve our big problems. A better toothbrush may be important, but it has little to do with finding ways to address complex issues such as racism, terrorism, violence, or even the inability for rich countries like ours to get people working, feed impoverished children, or address mental health issues.

The key to social innovation is deep listening, according to Pauline Oliveros, the kind of dialogue that builds understanding, acceptance, and partnership. It wasn’t very long ago, when people with differences–women and minorities of all kinds– endured violence and state-level oppression. Residential schools are a clear example of state-sponsored and legalized violence. But social innovation processes allowed us to change, for equity to evolve, and eventually become the rule of law. But letting go of old ways is challenging. The process may require an active forgetting or relearning, a long period of healing, and an active phase of “reconciliation.”

SwissCognitive LogoAre we in a posthuman era?

Social innovation may help us come together, but of all the kinds of innovation, I put quantum innovation as the most misunderstood. A “quantum” social innovation is the leap from one state of social consciousness to another, the kind of change that has made meditation an important social signal for this era. Some think that quantum innovation is impossible because it requires a system to evolve in ways that are posthuman. What is posthuman? It means getting beyond a limiting anthropocentric perspective where humans are the centre of everything–something Indigenous people all over the world have known for millennia […]