Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new UI, according to Accenture’s Technology Vision 2017 report, identifying trends that are essential to business success in today’s digital economy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming of age, tackling problems both big and small by making interactions simple and smart. AI is about to become a company’s digital spokesperson. AI is becoming the new user interface (UI), underpinning the way we transact and interact with systems. Seventy-nine percent of business leaders agree that AI will revolutionize the way they gain information from and interact with customers. —Accenture Technology Vision 2017

According to Accenture, AI will define future customer experience .

“As AI takes over more of the user experience, it grows beyond just an intelligent interface. With each customer interaction becoming more personalized, powerful, and natural, AI moves into an even more prominent position: you digital spokesperson,” —Accenture Technology Vision 2017

The power of augmented intelligence and AI is mass personalization at scale. With projections of 6 billion smartphone users and over 50 billion connected devices by 2020, the next generation customer experience will be powered by artificial intelligence.

AI could double annual economic growth rates by 2035. – Accenture

Accenture advised the C-suite to re-examine how people interact not just with AI, but also with their business. Reason noted is that AI will take a primary role of interacting with both customers and employees. In addition, AI will be a key point of distinction for businesses versus competitors. […]

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