Live Demo of BrainDocs™ with a Call in from NASA Showing AI in Action

8th February 2017 by SwissCognitive – Flyer



Intelligent Text Analytics

Text Analytics is a difficult and time consuming task. However, if it is done intelligently the benefit for companies is immense. A live demo of intelligent text analytics will show how a corpus of digital documents, containing around 800 Documents with approximately 20’0000 pages of unstructured text, can be easily fed into BrainDocs™ the Text Analytics Platform by BII. To demonstrate how accessible BrainDocs™ is, the analysis agents are formed and immediately start to query these documents efficiently for ideas and concepts.

One of the companies making regular use of BrainDocs™ is NASA. After the live demo, Greg Funaro at NASA will call in and discuss their use cases with BrainDocs™ AI. Funaro will give a glimpse into the daily use NASA gets from the intelligent text analytics, as well as their approach to it in general. Further, he will share insight into why they use text analytics and on which projects NASA has the greatest added value.

Goals of this wake-up call

The goal of this cognitive talk and the following discussion with NASA is to show how advanced intelligent text analytics already is today. Moreover, the astounding degrees of intelligence it has brought to costumers in their daily business is highlighted and the necessary steps to get there is accessibly shown.