How Land Rover and BAR are harnessing Artificial Intelligence in the quest to win back the America’s Cup #BringtheCupHome


Sir Ben Ainslie has hailed Land Rover’s artificial intelligence (AI) as a ‘game changer’ ahead of the British America’s Cup team’s home event in Portsmouth (22-24 July).

Land Rover, Title and Exclusive Innovation Partner to Land Rover BAR, is applying its big data processing power and machine learning expertise to help co-engineer the fastest boat in America’s Cup history and bring the world’s oldest sporting trophy to the UK for the first time.

Sir Ben Ainslie says Land Rover’s artificial intelligence (AI) could prove the difference in bid to win the America’s Cup for the first time for Britain


Land Rover engineers, embedded into the team for over a year, are using artificial intelligence to explore and find patterns in sailing performance data to help ‘make the boat go faster’. When testing, the sailing team receives over 16 GB of uncompressed data per day from sensors on the boat – the equivalent of filling an iPhone’s memory. The ability to process and make sense of this volume of data is unprecedented in sailing. Something that would have taken weeks can now be achieved instantaneously thanks to Land Rover’s computing power and real-time analysis.

SwissCognitive LogoMachine learning evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence (AI). Sailing is a perfect application for these technologies

because there are many variables – mainly the wind.

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Sensors on the testing boats measure more than 300 variables from fibre optic strain measurement to six-axis accelerometer and sonic sensors which measure the distance from the boat to the water. Richard Hopkirk, Land Rover BAR Head of Systems and Analysis, is acutely aware of the importance this data has in giving the team a competitive edge.